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    ❤❤❤ ESTEFANIA ❤❤❤

    A mind-blowing figure, sharp facial features, and friendly nature make Estefania the favorite amongst all. Since she came into this industry, she has been loved and appreciated by most men. She has so many repeat clients, coming from different cities across the world. Like any other woman, she loves shopping. She loves to travel a lot. Estefania tries to make at least two trips each year. If you are in Nassau in the Bahamas and looking for a classy, sexy, experienced lady who will fulfill all your fantasies, this is the one. When you emerge from the warm shower, she has prepared the boudoir. Soft lights and gentle music fill the air. She floats effortlessly over to you and runs her perfectly manicured hands down your chest. She tilts her head upwards to be kissed, as you lean in gently and place your lips on hers. She responds eagerly, and her tongue gently flickers across your lips. You pull her in towards you, to hold her and kiss her passionately. Her hands explore your body. She reaches down to feel that you are indeed very aroused. She keeps her hand there for a moment, before freeing your fluffy towel from your waist, and allowing it to fall to the floor. Your hands make their way up to the base of her neck, where they find a long zip, that you unzip all the way. You slide your hands inside her dress and feel her silky soft, warm velvet skin. You slowly peel her dress from her firm, slim body, to reveal the most exquisite, sexy, French silk and lace lingerie, complete with seamed stockings and suspenders. Wow. Her body is pure perfection. You can see immediately why she has featured in many men’s magazines, and imagine how jealous your friends would be, if only they knew!